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Innovation That Matters

Innovation That Matters, easy to say, not so easy to define… What matters in life is deeply subjective and context dependent. How about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the list below as a starting point?

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Does ChatGPT Understand?

If you work in technology you will be aware that OpenAI ChatGPT has taken off like a 🚀, and the press is filled with people making rash prognostications, from gloomsters and doomsters to hypesters, and everything between.

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Future of Work

I think remote work is a powerful tool to implement 15 minute cities which will bring wide ranging societal, ecological and health benefits. 

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The Modern Computer

This weekend I started re-reading one of my favourite technical books, “Data Processing” by K.N. Dodd. It’s a slim volume, published in 1969 by The English Universities Press. I picked up my beautifully musty copy in a second-hand bookshop in March 1995. It is a profoundly practical book (at least in 1969!), which educates the reader on the “state-of-the-art” of The Modern Computer, as well as elaborating on business applications:

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Defining Data Models using ChatGPT

Like many of you, I’ve been experimenting with ChatGTP from Open AI. Much of my day job consists of working on, and with, Accord Project Concerto — a data modelling language. It was therefore natural to see whether I could get ChatGPT to assist in defining a data model.

The results were very impressive; ChatGPT is Swiss Army Knife you can apply to many text generation tasks; teaching it by providing example inputs and desired responses.

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Programming with Logic

50 years ago the Prolog programming language was created in France (where else?), by Alain Colmerauer with Philippe Roussel. The name comes from programmation en logique. The first implementation of Prolog was an interpreter written in Fortran by Gerard Battani and Henri Meloni. 

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Data Model Verbalisation

I just had an interesting chat where it became clear that some people are a little confused about the differences between a data model, and how we display (or verbalise) a data model, for a given locale.

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WinGo Day 7 – Et Fin

We stayed at the campsite in Moffat, dwarfed by the yellowing teeth of high sided camper vans with their awnings flapping in the breeze. Dogs barked for their breakfast and to each other, exchanging vital insider intelligence on beaches for dogs and locations of red squirrels.

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WinGo Day 6

Sleep was punctuated by wind, rain and the agitated waves from the lake – which punctured my slumbers with thoughts of getting washed away by an imaginary tsunami. Suffice to say the bivvy/tent kept the elements at bay and we awoke to sun and blue skies.

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WinGo Day 5

After a night spent trying to get comfortable on hard ground we rose about 8 am and scrambled half a dozen eggs and brewed some tea.

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