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Innovation That Matters

Innovation That Matters, easy to say, not so easy to define… What matters in life is deeply subjective and context dependent. How about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the list below as a starting point?

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Data Model Verbalisation

I just had an interesting chat where it became clear that some people are a little confused about the differences between a data model, and how we display (or verbalise) a data model, for a given locale.

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WinGo Day 7 – Et Fin

We stayed at the campsite in Moffat, dwarfed by the yellowing teeth of high sided camper vans with their awnings flapping in the breeze. Dogs barked for their breakfast and to each other, exchanging vital insider intelligence on beaches for dogs and locations of red squirrels.

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WinGo Day 6

Sleep was punctuated by wind, rain and the agitated waves from the lake – which punctured my slumbers with thoughts of getting washed away by an imaginary tsunami. Suffice to say the bivvy/tent kept the elements at bay and we awoke to sun and blue skies.

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WinGo Day 5

After a night spent trying to get comfortable on hard ground we rose about 8 am and scrambled half a dozen eggs and brewed some tea.

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WinGo Day 4

A pretty epic day! 169 km and Isaac’s first “century”. We judged our food and rest stops really well and the roads and terrain where by and large kind.

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WinGo Day 3

Today we did battle with England’s second city, Birmingham, and the industrial heartland. We threaded our way through the traffic, crossed the city centre and then joined the canal tow path taking us north and out of the city.

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WinGo Day 2

We set off this morning from Matt and Alice’s house after a hearty breakfast; excellent hosts and what lovely boys! Hats off to parents juggling work, life and young children!

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WinGo Day 1

First day of our trip from Winchester to Glasgow by bike. The morning slipped past without much incident, but my mind was still racing through my lists, and worried I’d forgotten something.

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Literacy and Engineering

The written word is an amazing invention — it literally (!) allows me to transmit the thoughts in my head across space and time, and into your head. Can you imagine a more powerful force for advancing civilzation?

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