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WinGo Day 4

A pretty epic day! 169 km and Isaac’s first “century”. We judged our food and rest stops really well and the roads and terrain where by and large kind.

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WinGo Day 3

Today we did battle with England’s second city, Birmingham, and the industrial heartland. We threaded our way through the traffic, crossed the city centre and then joined the canal tow path taking us north and out of the city.

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WinGo Day 2

We set off this morning from Matt and Alice’s house after a hearty breakfast; excellent hosts and what lovely boys! Hats off to parents juggling work, life and young children!

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WinGo Day 1

First day of our trip from Winchester to Glasgow by bike. The morning slipped past without much incident, but my mind was still racing through my lists, and worried I’d forgotten something.

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Literacy and Engineering

The written word is an amazing invention — it literally (!) allows me to transmit the thoughts in my head across space and time, and into your head. Can you imagine a more powerful force for advancing civilzation?

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Platform Independent Data Models

Today Accord Project released Concerto v2.1.0 adding support for converting Concerto models to OData v4.0.1.

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Open Terms Archive

Discovered recently that the Accord Project PDF to HTML transformation is powering Open Terms Archive — a service that monitors the T&Cs of online services and notifies you when they change. 

AP “markdown-transform”, which handles document format conversion (MD, DOCX, HTML, PDF…) was twice as fast as a competing library and had fewer dependencies.

Accord Project Summer of Code

Applications are now open for the Accord Project Summer of Code — a paid Open Source coding program, inspired by Google Summer of Code, and sponsored by DocuSign and beNEXT.

Project ideas are quite open, but centred around the challenges of digitising legal contracts. Successful applicants will be mentored by experienced enterprise software developers and Open Source maintainers and contributors.

Please submit your applications using this web form, and forward to potential candidates.

Role of the Coach

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen. Photo / Photosport / NZ Herald

Business is more similar to rugby than you might think. No, I’m not referring to scrums, shared showers and alcohol abuse! In this series of posts I’ll use lessons from 20 years of playing and coaching rugby to make you a better CTO.

I’m a long-time subscriber (and fan) of Dan Cottrell who has a great article on 7 things that make a great coach.  I shan’t paraphrase that here — it’s a short article, go read it!

In addition to the points that Dan Cottrell raises above, which are a great foundation, I’d also encourage you to think about your role, breaking it down into three major areas:

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