I think remote work is a powerful tool to implement 15 minute cities which will bring wide ranging societal, ecological and health benefits. 

That said, we are social animals and we do need to improve how we support knowledge-work remotely, or more-remotely. I’m leaning towards a geographically aligned hub-and-spoke organisation, with small groups of workers in cross-functional teams, working on a well-defined business problem, with high autonomy, including deciding how and when they meet in person, and with the budget and resources to do so. 

I think this will create a much flatter organisation, aligned on values and mission, rather than traditional command and control dynamics. We also need to preserve and strengthen the ability of a team to coach new hires and to transmit knowledge, values and mission.

To support these teams we need a strong global “hub” (another small team) that can prioritise and allocate budget and projects, and provision the common IT infrastructure, co-working spaces, etc. This team should also own quarterly/yearly global alignment meetings to communicate their findings and solicit input.

You could imagine teams of 10-20 people clustered around regional cities, with one of the teams serving (servant leadership!) as the organising “hub”. Each team would have the flexibility to meet in their local city as-and-when the team deemed it productive.