Target Date: March 10th


Project Governance

We are actively soliciting interested individuals, organization and companies to contribute to Fabric Composer development.

The existing team will reach out to the HL community for feedback on how best to organize transparent and open weekly planning meetings, scrum calls, chat, mailing lists, playbacks, design/architecture sessions etc.

Composer Playground

IBM will contribute low-fi and hi-fi design screens for a next generation of the Composer Playground web user interface. Links to the design screen will be attached to the GitHub issues ASAP.

The team will build a new Playground web application, based on Angular2. The new Playground will be created in the composer-playground npm package (as a peer of the existing composer-ui package). The docker image will be called composer-playground and published to DockerHub. Eventually the new composer-playground npm package and docker image will supersede the old composer-ui packages and these will be frozen/retired and eventually removed.

Composer Playground will be deployed to IBM Bluemix as an experimental free and public service to gather feedback from users. The version on IBM Bluemix will initially only support the Web Connection Profile (simulating Hyperledger Fabric in the browser).

The community is encouraged to run the Playground in other environments, and connecting it to HLF, using the DockerHub image and providing feedback.

Loopback and REST APIs

The team will continue to enhance the existing Loopback support, improving ease-of-use, supporting servers with multiple business networks deployed, adding the ability to submit transactions and to define authentication/authorization for the REST API.

Support for Hyperledger Fabric v1

The team has already started to process of testing and porting to Hyperledger V1 and is making good progress. The working assumption is that the team will add support for a new Connection Profile type (hlf- v1) and that the runtime will seamlessly support business network definitions on a v1 HLF.

There will likely to changes to the start/download scripts and deploy/undeploy commands based on the operational changes in HLF v1.

The team will assess the best moment to switch default support from v0.6 to v1 (and when to drop support for v0.6) based on progress over the coming weeks.


The team will publich a new Angular2 end-to-end sample based on DEFRA requirements for tracking animals as they move between farms.

Community Outreach

The team will attend the HL Meet-up in London on March 2nd. We encourage the community to blog/vlog about their experiences using Fabric Composer, engage on the HL RocketChat #fabric-composer channel, answer/ask questions on StackOverflow using the fabric-composer tag, and tweet using the #FabricComposer hashtag.