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Getting Started with Blockchain Development


Are you evaluating blockchains and wondering how to get started? In this technical article I will compare and contrast two approaches that fall under the Hyperledger umbrella: Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer.

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Fabric Composer: Past, Present, Future

The Past

Six months have elapsed since we started working on Fabric Composer. What started as a whitepaper by IBMer Anthony O’Dowd, some analysis of the code of existing Hyperledger Fabric solutions, and a spark of model-driven inspiration, is now a fledgling Open Source project proposal to the Linux Foundation.

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Introduction to Fabric Composer

Introduction to Fabric Composer

This article (for CIOs, developers, analysts and IT architects) explains the value proposition and high-level features of Fabric Composer.

Fabric Composer (Composer) is an Open Source tool to define, deploy and integrate with business networks. Fabric Composer makes it easy for technical analysts and developers to create business networks that use a distributed-ledger to exchange information. The Composer runtime executes on the Open Source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, storing all data on the distributed ledger, and executing all business logic on Hyperledger Fabric.

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Fabric Composer, Proposal for Playback 3

Fabric Composer – Open Source Framework for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Since September 2016 I’ve been working on an application development framework for the Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledger technology (blockchain). I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of an amazing team that has moved mountains and performed several miracles over the past few months!

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