A pretty epic day! 169 km and Isaac’s first “century”. We judged our food and rest stops really well and the roads and terrain where by and large kind.

I managed to ride into a bee who rudely then stung me on the face… some discomfort and a nice swollen eye!

We arrived into a Preston and had a hearty pub dinner before heading out of town to do our shopping for breakfast. A few more miles down the road we turned away from the major roads and found a secluded stream surrounded by woods to pitch our tents for the night.

After putting the tents up we stripped off and washed the sweat and road grime off in the cold but oh so invigorating water of the babbling stream.

I’m typing this after a wee dram, listening to the water flowing past our discrete little camp, with the prospect of tea, bread and eggs for breakfast before even more peddling tomorrow.

Tomorrow we enter the Lake District!