We set off this morning from Matt and Alice’s house after a hearty breakfast; excellent hosts and what lovely boys! Hats off to parents juggling work, life and young children!

The ride started with lots of cursing at Garmin as my Strava routes refused to sync to the Garmin. Great device, dodgy user experience!

Eventually we got underway proper and where quickly threading our way through Abingdon, Oxford and Banbury. Some lovely roads (national cycle route 5) and we made good progress.

We opted for a much shorter lunch stop and a sandwich today, and felt much better for it. The long break with a heavy meal yesterday was definitely a mistake! Little and often is the better way, and we nibbled our bars and stopped for a Lucozade when we needed a sugar hit.

We cycled 105 km today, and climbed over 900 m, but neither the distance nor climbing felt too strenuous – so perhaps we are adapting?

Slightly sore ankles and wrists but after a lovely meal with Simon, Emma and their lovely children, all feels right with the world.

And now to bed!