It feels like the past couple of weeks have been two steps forwards, one step back, but progress has been made!

  • Had a bike fit from the excellent chaps at Vankru. Garth made major adjustments to all the contact points on the bike and recommended not cutting the steerer tube until I’ve put more miles on the bike.
  • Bike weight (minus bar tape) is 10.88 kg
  • Replaced the brakes with Paul Components Motolites. They are gorgeous and provide great stopping power (easily lock the wheel!) but with sensitive modulation. Very happy!
  • Downsized the rear tyre from 35 mm to 28 mm to provide more clearance with the rear brake and frame. MIGHT be able to go up to 32 mm, but 35 mm was too large.
  • Replaced the seat post with a 30.9 mm Ritchey which fits much better than the 30.0 mm post I was using.
  • Tried the Brooks B17 saddle but didn’t like it. It felt very slippy and too wide. Replaced it with a saddle from Ritchey to match the seat post which suits me, and the bike, better.
  • Successfully wrapped the bars with the Brooks leather bar tape. Not perfect, but good enough!
Almost done! Note 35 mm tyre on the front and 28″ on the rear…

I’ve taken the bike out for a couple of short rides. I’m happy with the handling (on tarmac and mud) and it climbs really nicely. The remaining niggles are:

  • I need more speed on the flat, so have been looking at getting a larger chainring. I’m spending most of my time in the lower half of the cassette.
  • The head tube spacers are very ugly.
  • Would like the shift up to the largest cog to be easier – it seems to require too much force. To be investigated once I change the chainring.
  • Final paint touch ups and tape to protect frame from the chain

I will make a couple more changes and them will post the final bill of material for people who would like to attempt a similar conversion.