Slight snag with the brakes: I fitted the Promax P-1 PRO brakes because they had the longest arms I could find, needed to clear the larger diameter 700c rear wheel, which replaced the original 26″ wheel. The challenge is that the brake mounting points are now approximately 60 mm below the brake rim of the wheel, while the top of the wheel is 100 mm above the brake mount.

I had to purchase a Bicycle V Brake Extension (branded Lightpro) to raise the brake pads an additional 10 mm or so as the Promax don’t quite have enough vertical adjustment. It looks ugly as heck and I’m skeptical I want to put my life in its hands, so I may have to swap for the Paul Components V-brakes once those are back in stock and budget allows.

No issue fitting the brakes on the new front fork.

Details on fitting the fork in the next post!