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Does ChatGPT Understand?

If you work in technology you will be aware that OpenAI ChatGPT has taken off like a 🚀, and the press is filled with people making rash prognostications, from gloomsters and doomsters to hypesters, and everything between.

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The Modern Computer

This weekend I started re-reading one of my favourite technical books, “Data Processing” by K.N. Dodd. It’s a slim volume, published in 1969 by The English Universities Press. I picked up my beautifully musty copy in a second-hand bookshop in March 1995. It is a profoundly practical book (at least in 1969!), which educates the reader on the “state-of-the-art” of The Modern Computer, as well as elaborating on business applications:

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Defining Data Models using ChatGPT

Like many of you, I’ve been experimenting with ChatGTP from Open AI. Much of my day job consists of working on, and with, Accord Project Concerto — a data modelling language. It was therefore natural to see whether I could get ChatGPT to assist in defining a data model.

The results were very impressive; ChatGPT is Swiss Army Knife you can apply to many text generation tasks; teaching it by providing example inputs and desired responses.

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Literacy and Engineering

The written word is an amazing invention — it literally (!) allows me to transmit the thoughts in my head across space and time, and into your head. Can you imagine a more powerful force for advancing civilzation?

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Dr. Strongly Typed

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the API

TL;DR — In this article I review common patterns for exposing business objects over HTTP and discuss some of the challenges of query federation in a microservice architecture.

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Predictions for 2018

As CTO for Clause Inc. I breathe the rarified air of blockchain, AI, IoT, and Legal-Tech (joke). Seriously, I do read quite widely, so in time-honored fashion, here are my predictions for 2018.


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Fabric Composer – Open Source Framework for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Since September 2016 I’ve been working on an application development framework for the Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledger technology (blockchain). I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of an amazing team that has moved mountains and performed several miracles over the past few months!

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Create the Problem

I’ve been fortunate at several points in my career to work on innovation. When you are on the cutting-edge there are many more questions than answers, and risks abound. Should we do A or B? Will this approach scale? Can we handle 10 transactions per second or 1,000 transactions per second? What is competitor X going to release in the next 12 months? How much do we need to charge for this service? Is this core to our business, or should we buy or outsource it?

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